What is a Community?

According to, a community can be defined as a “feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals”

At MomWise, we are a Community! A community of women, mothers and sisters! We might come from different backgrounds, cultures, countries but we have a community! A community geared at “Empowering Moms and raising the next generation!”

Personally, being a part of MomWise has been a blessing to me as a mom and a wife! In the past, I tried to “Fit In”! I was a missing puzzle looking for the right place. I tried different departments even in church but none gave me that sense of community that I was seeking. Upon finding MomWise (which I never knew existed until late last year), I was excited to be among other moms like myself and I loved to listen to other moms share their experiences! I knew I had found my community.

After finding my community and connecting with the group, it opened my mind and gave me that feeling and sense of peace that I did fit into that puzzle! If you are yet to find your community, you can join a department in your local church or even join us here at MomWise!

  • A Community of godly Mothers networking to raise their Children wisely

I leave you with this: Communication Leads to Community…that is to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing! – Rollo May