Five Free/Low Cost Resources to Learn New Skills and Languages


By MomWise

  1. Your Local Library Online Classes

    Your Local Library offers  free online classes and free software for you and your children to learn more than 100 languages and skills..

    • Language Learning:  Rosetta Stone is free in every language. There’s also Mango and Pronunciation. And Lil Pim for children under 6 year olds. Courses for African Languages are also available in languages  Igbo and Swahili learning.

    • Skills: associated with LinkedIn is also free via many libraries. And Gale. Example of available courses include Guitar lessons, DBA courses, IT prep courses, Marriage class :), Real Estate Law, and Event planning. The list is endless and best of all free, and you can learn from home.

  2. Groupon

    Offers affordable online courses as low as $5 or more. I bought an Event planning course, Investment, and photography course all for $5 and

  3. Udemy

    Offers courses such as IT, Project management, Design, Marketing and Personal  Development and more classes.

  4. YouTube

    Offers free videos on virtually everything you want to learn.

  5. BookHolders

    Sells books as cheap as $0.01 and more. Depending on the books you need and the availability of the book.

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