Mark Batterson praying circles around your children book cover

By MomWise Sarah Okorafor

This was one of the first books I ever purchased on Google Playbook.  I remember browsing for cheap books online ( I love me some knowledge on a bargain) and I stumbled upon this book! It was only $0.99 cents. I read the first few pages and I was hooked!
Praying Circles Around Your Children
When I bought this book, I was pregnant with my first child and I knew something had to change! Reading this book was an eye-opener for me. I was amazed by the knowledge and tips provided by the author.  Here are some of the things I love about this book!

  1. The cost: As of the time of writing this, you can get the book on Amazon Kindle for $2.99, Amazon Hard Copy (New) for $2.51, and Google Play for $2.99. It is affordable. 
  2. Quick read: I am a slow reader, so when I read this book, it took me one week or less to finish it. The ebook has 51 pages! A quick reader can finish it in one day!

So you want to raise great Children?
You want them to be respectful?
You want your children to be genuine lovers of God right?
So how do we go about it?
There is so much information out there about raising children, that it might become overwhelming. We want to become good parents. We want our children to love us. We want that mug that says ‘Best Mom in the world”. Right!
Remember when you got upset with your mom, or dad. You wondered if they really were your parents? Why would mom do this to me? Mom never makes mistakes right?
 “You will make mistakes!!!”
When I read this I pinched myself! True! We will all make mistakes! No one is perfect!
Our parents made mistakes! Even though they believe they are perfect!
One of the biggest takeaways I got from this book is this “ The basic parenting philosophy is to teach your children to say simple words like “Please, I’m Sorry and Thank You!” When my oldest was 1, some of our first words were Thank you, I’m Sorry and Please! I also learned to say these 3 words to him!
Growing up African you know that even the word “Sorry” was hard for some of our parents to say! Well for me it was! Therefore I see myself apologizing when I get upset at my children for no reason! Telling them Thank you when they do something nice and please when I need them to do a task for me (Ok, they sound like adults right? In my head though)! But yes I do these things!

Remember this: If all else fails, remember this “Love covers a multitude of offenses”!!! (1 Peter 4:8)
This book emphasizes the act of praying for your children like your life depends on it! I have this saying that you can never “over pray” for your children! You will never be a perfect parent, but you can be a praying parent! Our prayers never die!