african Mom in wakanda attire speaking to her daughter
By MomWise Contributor Dara Adewole

I thought I’d share this 👇🏽with you. I use it for my children every time. I just put their names, and I ask them to also proclaim these faith filled words. Death and life are the power of the tongue. So we choose life!

You are beautiful
You are intelligent
You are God fearing
You are meek
You are kind
You are peace loving
You are virtuous
You are successful
You are productive
You are prosperous
You are far from oppression
You are far from failure
You are confident
You are bold
You are filled with the Holy Ghost
You know God’s word, and it works for you
You are full of joy and it makes you strong
You are far from depression, anxiety and negative peer pressure
You do not lack
You always have more than enough
You are a blessing
You are blessed
You are wise and able to live life smartly and carefully
You are hardworking and resourceful
You are loved, respected and honored
You are protected from danger, sickness and disease.

In Jesus Name, Amen!
Love & Kisses

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