By MomWise Olatunde Onabajo
Years before I became a mom, I had specific visions of the growing years of my children—and rightly so—whether boys or girls. The visions of my daughters floating around in the ballet classroom and my sons bouncing balls in the basketball court brought smiles and a longing to begin the journey of parenting sooner rather than later. And more than five years into this journey, we’ve tried—and cancelled—the ballet and swimming classes and still deciding if a piano class will be included on our list. Not necessarily the way I imagined it.
There are days I want to ‘encourage’ my children to engage in more activities—even if they don’t vocalize interests and often times, my reasons include ‘develop social skills’ or ‘meet new friends’ and my favorite, ‘build their talents from an early age’. These reasons are great and important but I sometimes wonder if, by happenstance, I am unconsciously pushing my agenda and vision onto them.
I want my children to be engaged in some type of extracurricular activities but I’ve struggled with finding the ‘perfect’ one(s). I’ve asked fellow moms and now posing the question to a larger community of moms:

          How can we help our children find the activity or activities that they’ll love and not what we (parents) impose on them?

Some of the feedback I received include:

  • Try different age-appropriate activities
  • Enroll them for try-outs at the local gymnasiums
  • Show videos of age-appropriate activities and see what might interest them

Do you have any suggestions? Please share in the comments section below.