By MomWise Contributor Funke Adefemi
Hi moms of little tots! You can register your children who are under the age of five. They will receive a free book in the mail every month until their fifth birthday! The program promotes readiness to read.
15-20 minutes of daily reading is recommended for little tots and there are great benefits to reading with your little one. Studies by the American Academy of Pediatrics show that creating a home environment that involves access to books with frequency of reading fosters strong parent-child relationships and teaches valuable language and literacy skills.
Our 2 and 4 year old boys participate in the program and receive fun and encouraging stories monthly. We love to curl up in our reading tent right before bedtime. Sign up, grab a book, and discover new adventures with your little one!
Here are some links to register to start receiving books in your location in the United States, and internationally!
District of Columbia
Montgomery County, Maryland
Prince George’s County, Maryland
For all other locations in the United States, and abroad, please check availability here Imagination library-checkavailability and register.