Merry Christmas to you and your Family!!! It is that wonderful time of the year when we look back over the past months and give thanks to God for a year well spent. It is a blessing to be alive in the year 2017 and for this reason and many more, we should celebrate this season with joy and gladness.
The Christmas season has become commercialized due to the strong emphasis on gift giving and receiving. We are constantly inundated with advertisements of Christmas deals, and shopping for loved ones can often become quite stressful. Although giving and receiving of gifts is an essential aspect of Christmas, we should never lose sight of the true purpose of Christmas – Jesus! He came over 2,000 years ago to this earth for you and me. This my friends, was the greatest gift ever given to mankind.
As we get ready to celebrate this season, it is important to spend time reflecting on the Love of Christ. We should also show love to the people around you. As wives and mothers, this season should be spent bonding with our Spouses and our Children. Beyond the gifts, we should spend quality time just talking, and catching up on old times. We can even pull out the Family album and look through old pictures or dig up the wedding video and watch it again with our Children. Building great Family traditions is an essential and rewarding aspect of this season.
As the year begins to wind down, it is also vital to take stock of the current year, and create goals for the upcoming year. As we think about our goals for the new year, the process of creating these goals should go beyond our repetitive new year resolutions. Rather, we should create S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result-focused and Time-bound) goals.
As we get ready for the new year, here are a few tips regarding some SMART goals that you can create in the year 2018:

  • Health Goals: As wives and mothers, it is important for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our families by eating right and exercising. In 2018, you could set a goal of introducing new recipes or cooking healthier meals for the Family. You could also sign up for a gym membership or better still, schedule some time each week to work out together with your spouse.
  • Business/Career Goals: As a career or business woman, it also important to set goals for career advancement. It could be a goal to get an additional degree or certification. You could also set a business goal to get more clients through new and innovative marketing strategies.
  • Family Goals: It often gets so busy with work throughout the year, so it is advisable to schedule family vacations and select travel destination even before the onset of a new year. Other family goals could include; the purchase of a new home, a new car or even making additional investments such as stocks and rental property.
  • Financial Goals: Money is an essential aspect of life, and proper financial planning can help reduce stress and conflicts in marriage. Therefore, it is critical for families to develop a monthly budget, decide on ways to reduce debt and make plans to save more money in the new year.
  • Spiritual Goals: Our goals should not be limited to the body and soul. We should also set intentional spiritual goals that can help us grow in our walk with God. Some of these goals include; reading the entire bible in a year, joining a department at church, or volunteering in your local community.
  • Personal Development Goals: As women, we need to take care of ourselves and also set personal goals that do not revolve around the Family. Some personal goals could be to write a book, learn a new language, rest more, or even improve on our looks by adding some new clothes to our wardrobe. Personal goals help us prioritize ourselves too as part of the goal setting process.

Once again, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!!!